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Hawaii is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. There are many reasons why this gorgeous tropical chain of islands attracts so many newlyweds every year. One of these reasons is that you can find nearly every kind of activity available in one place. The terrain varies from sandy white beaches to snowy mountain tops (and everything in between). The islands are located around 2500 miles from the nearest large area of land. They were formed by volcanic activity, which still today goes strong on the Big Island of Hawaii, spewing out lava for many visitors to observe one of natures most incredible phenomenons.

The temperature in Hawaii is moderate, usually ranging from 78 to 85 degrees ferenheit during the day and about 10 degrees cooler during the evening. The water is a comfortable  74 degrees throughout the year. May through October is the summer and November to April is the winter season. The winter months tend to have more rainfall, but this is usually localized to a few different areas and you can usually go to the other side of the island and experience totally different weather patterns. The rainfall is what makes Hawaii land so lush and green, it doesn’t impair travel plans and feels refreshing as it is still warm outside and clouds usually pass quickly.

The six main islands all have something uniquely awesome about them:

Oahu is the most tourist friendly island. It is a great option for destination weddings, as many businesses are established and offering top notch wedding planning services on this island.

Maui is a popular island among travelers and honeymooners. It is the second largest island in Hawaii and also the top place for viewing humpback whales.

The Big Island is the newest island and has Volcano national park (a great place to see the active volcanic lava flows and home to one of the largest mountains in the world).

Kauai is the oldest and greenest of the islands. The view from the Na Pali coast is spectacular, displaying cliffs unlike anything in the world. There are also many waterfalls and a mini “Grand Canyon”.

Molokai is the most unspoiled and the most native Hawaiian of the islands. The cliffs are also some of the highest in the world.

Lanai is the smallest of the islands yet it has some of the best golf courses. There isn’t the hopping nightlife opportunities here, not even a single traffic light.

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