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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Big Island Shoreline
The island of Hawaii (also known as “The Big Island”) is the largest, and most visibly active volcanic-wise within the chain. The island is continuously growing as lava from Kilauea continues to spew out for visitors to see. This is one of the highlights of the Hawaiian islands, being able to go to the Volcano National Park to see the lava flow. It is truly a sight worth the cost of a honeymoon all by itself.

The adjacent mountain called Maunakea is the tallest mountain in the world (if measured from sea floor to top of the mountain. The top of the mountain is home to a world class observatory owned by the University of Hawaii and also hosts freezing temperatures (so that even skiing or snowboarding is done there).

Here on this amazing island you can find deserts, lush tropical vegetation, snowy mountain tops and several varieties of sandy beaches (green, black, and white sand). If you go to the Big Island, I would recommend renting a 4×4 vehicle. There are a lot of places that you won’t be able to explore without one, such as hidden snorkeling spots, green sand beach, and more.

The resorts on this island are top notch and the activities are endless. Weather tends to be clearer near Kona than at Hilo or Volcano, but don’t let that deter you from seeing some of the amazing features at the Volcanoes National Park or the many waterfalls just outside Hilo.
Places To Stay

In Kona – This area is located on the western (sunny) side of the island. It stretches some sixty miles from the Kona airport to just past the Kealakekua Bay. This is one of the best areas for coffee growing in the world. You may have already heard about Kona coffee before, but if you are in Kona be sure to get a tour of the Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company(makers of amazing Kona coffee).

The Top Rated Hotels on the Island of Hawaii

Aston Kona By The Sea

Four Season Resort Hualalai

Hilton Waikoloa Village

Kona Seaside Hotel

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort

In Kohala – Most of the top rated resorts are found in Kohala. The beaches here are pristine and hotels offer a wide selection of activities and entertainment.

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